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A Hindu festival celebrating the first day of spring with songs, music and dance. Celebrants often wear white and look forward to the spraying of abeer – (coloured powder mixed with water).

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Phagwa or Holi is a religious festival celebrated by the Hindu community in March of each year. But as with all observances in our multi-ethnic, multi-religious country, the wider community, Phagwa is celebrated by the wider population.

Celebrants wearing white, are sprayed with a variety of coloured dyes mixed with water called abeer.

The word Holi is derived from the Sanskrit word Holika, meaning, “parched grains.” While this festival has solemn religious significance as a rite of purification to promote good health, the throwing of vibrant coloured powder and liquid along with joyful singing and dancing, creates a cheerful atmosphere.

Phagwa celebrations are easy to find throughout Trinidad and the happy participants will be sure to invite you to join them!


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