General Information


Trinidad: Port of Spain

Tobago: Scarborough


1.3 million, descendants from Africa, India, Europe, China, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Official language



  • Trinidad: 4,838km2 (1,864 sq. miles); 105 x 80km (65×50 miles)
  • Tobago: 300km2 (116 sq. miles); 48 x 16km (30 x 10miles)

Time zone

Year-round;   Atlantic Standard Time (GMT/UTC-4, EST +1)


Tropical with a dry season from January to May and a wetter (rainy) season from June to December.  The islands are located just below the hurricane belt, though they have been hit by hurricanes in the past.  The daily temperature range is 72-95F (22-35C) with an average of 83F (29C).


  • Major resource: Oil and natural gas.
  • Major industries: LNG, steel, methanol, ammonia, urea, light manufacturing and assembly.
  • Major services: Tourism, conference and convention facilities, financial services, construction.


  • Electricity: 115v/230v, 60Hz
  • Water: Tap water is safe to drink (you can boil if you to double sure); different brands of bottled water is widely available
  • Mail: TTPost operates the national mail service, FedEx, DHL, UPS and other service providers are available


  • Phone Code: 868 (regional code: 1)
  • Landline: Communications provided by the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad &Tobago (TSTT) and FLOW. Pre-paid international phone cards are available.
  • Mobile: Bmobile (TSTT) and Digicel operate on GSM and 4G broadband mobile services, prepaid SIM cards are available for unlocked phones.

Public Wi-FI

FLOW’s Fspots are available free at the food chains of Rituals, Pizza Boys, Church’s Chicken, Mario’s and Boomer’s restaurants. Bmobile and blink broadband customers can register for free wifi at any of their locations. Bzone (Bmobile’s free wifi) is offered at the Ferry Terminal, Store Bay, Pigeon Point and Gulf City Mall (Lowlands).


  • ATMs and credit/debit cards are regularly used
  • US$1 = TT$6.4 (floating exchange rate)
  • Taxes: 10% room tax + 10% service charge at hotels; 15% VAT on most goods and services.

Important Phone Numbers

Ambulance (public hospitals) 811
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 624-4343 (North Trinidad)653-4343 (South/Central Trinidad)639-4444 (Tobago)
Fire 990
Office of Disaster Preparedness 640-1285 (Trinidad)660-7489 (Tobago)511 in emergencies
Police 999 or 555 (Trinidad)639-2520 or 639-5590 (Tobago)
Division of Tourism, Tobago 639-2125
Immigration Division 625-3571/2 (Trinidad) 639-2681 (Tobago)
Tourism Development Company 675-7034/5
Tourist Information Offices 639-0509 (ANR Robinson Airport, Tobago)635-0934 (Cruise Ship Complex, Tobago)669-5196 (Piarco Airport, Trinidad)
Destination Trinidad & Tobago 221-6154

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