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With so many attractions and things to do in Trinidad and Tobago, you won’t want to leave our twin island when you get here! There are many commercial airlines that carry non-stop flights to both national airports – Piarco International Airport in Trinidad and ANR Robinson International Airport in Tobago. Major international gateways are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Toronto and London.  Unmetered and authorised taxis with license plates beginning with the letter ‘H’ meaning for hire are available at both airports, but it is advisable to enquire about fares before entering taxis.


What is needed for travel:

– A valid passport

– Documentation for return or onward travel and a local address

– Ensure you are aware of visa requirements

Getting around

Private Taxis – available at airports and most hotels, can be phoned in as well. Check with your hotel for preferred taxi services.

Public Taxis and Maxi Taxis – Taxis work specific routes and always bare a license plate that begin with ‘H’, there are also private hired taxis that bear license plate that begin with the letter ‘P’ but it is advisable to travel with H-hired taxis and in the company of friends that knows how to get around. Maxi Taxis/mini buses are also used for travelling and can hold up to 25 persons. These mini busses which operate along most travelling routes, are very safe and reliable and can be found at route hubs like Port of Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas, Couva, Curepe, Arima and Tobago. Look out for the coloured stripes on the maxis/mini buses which indicate the routes which they pass along so you would know if your stop is along that particular route. If you’re left still in doubt feel free to ask the driver.

Color codes for maxis/mini buses are:

Black: San Fernando, Princes Town connecting to Mayaro and environs

Brown: San Fernando, La Romaine-Siparia and environs

Green: Curepe, Chaguanas, San Fernando and environs

Red: Arima, connecting to Blanchisseuse, Matelot, Sangre Grande and environs

Yellow: Diego Martin, Petit Valley, Chaguaramas and environs

White: North Coast Road, Maracas and environs

Blue: Tobago

Public transportation is also available via buses which operate within every town and can be found at major bus hubs. Tickets are required for travelling and can be purchased from any bus hub.

Port of Spain Bus hub – located at ‘City Gate’.

Chaguanas Bus Hub – located in Chaguanas

San Fernando Bus Hub – located at ‘King’s Wharf’

Scarborough Bus Hub – located at Sangster’s Hill

Schedules and fare information are available via – Public Transport Service Corporation.

Rentals – Information can be found in the Yellow Pages of the Trinidad and Tobago Business Telephone Directory and online.

Island Tours – Information can be found in the Yellow Pages of the Trinidad and Tobago Business Telephone Directory and online. (insert link for those listed on our page)

Driving – For those who may opt for driving themselves you will be required to obtain a temporary international driver’s permit from Licensing Office. These permits are valid for a period of 90days and can only be issued by this office. Driving is done on the left side of the road and seatbelts must be worn as required by law.

Speed limits: Trinidad 50kph (30mph) in built up areas, otherwise 80kph (50mph); Tobago 50kph (30mph)

Arriving by Sea

– A clearance certificate from your last port of call along with the vessel’s registration certificate must be presented.

– Arrivals must check-in at the Customs & Immigration office located at The Crews Inn, Chaguaramas in Trinidad and Customs & Immigration in Scarborough or Charlotteville Tobago.

– Yachts converge in Chaguaramas at the Yacht Association of Trinidad and Tobago, also located here are a number of maintenance and repair yards, marinas and other essential services.

– There’s no official anchorage in Tobago but Mt Irvine Bay, Grafton Beach, Store Bay and Englishman’s Bay are popular spots.






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