Nightlife and Cuisine

Nightlife and Cuisine

We Trinbagonians are serious about our nightlife. We like to lime and we do so frequently and unabashedly – be it at a quaint hole-in-the-wall, the busiest club, pool halls happy hour at one of our many restaurants or wine bars…we lov tuh partie! Not forgetting The Shade Night Club and Sunday School over in Tobago. The music  is always a mix of Soca, of course, but equally popular are Jamaican dancehall, pop and hip-hop and a few back-in-times favourites. Even when you don’t feel like busting a move or two, the infectious rhythms just makes you wanna move.

As we say in trini…..lewwe take a lime!

If you’re a serious clubber, you know there’s no point leaving home before 10pm as the only thing you’ll accomplish is being the first in line! Dress codes are usually in effect – elegantly casual although nowadays chic and urban is favoured by most. If you want to take a turn at the tables, there are casinos scattered about on both islands. For some art and culture, there are theatre productions and open-air concerts such as Tobago Jazz Festival.


Trinidad and Tobago has a lot to offer in terms of a customary and conservative palate. From creole, East Indian, Chinese and even Italian restaurants, our cosmopolitan nature is reflected in our delectable food. There is also a range of first class local restaurants that specialize in international cuisine with a twist – as seasonal fruits and local spices are often fused with more traditional food elements for a definitive Caribbean flavour. Not forgetting the range of American food chains on both islands which include Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Domino’s Pizza.

Unabashedly, we trinbagonians love to eat! There are many varied flavours and cultural uniqueness to our cuisine. From street food – doubles, aloo pies, gyros, B-B-Q and jerk meats, roti, corn soup, milky and fruit punches which is mainly found in St James and Ariapita Avenue, to the upscale restaurants, there is much to excite the palette of any visitor. But wait… gets better as we head to the sister isle Tobago. Curried crab with dumplings, ground provisions with a varied selection of meats, delicious fish cuisines and popular sweet treats like ‘benne balls’ and spicy preserved fruits.






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