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DIY Day Trips: Gulf of Paria to Chaguaramas

Trinidad and Tobago is full of great and fascinating destinations!  Some of these destinations we recommend hiring an official tour guide to get you there and back safely.  But there are many great destinations that you can get to and discover on your own – and all in a day!

Gulf of Paria to Chaguaramas

7:30 am – Go Waking Boarding in the Gulf of Paria


Wakeboarding in the Gulf of Paria, TrinidadStart the day with a blood pumping experience.  Take a drive down to the waterfront in Cocorite, St. James and hook up with the guys at Liquid Adrenalin Water Sports.  Berkeley and Michael will take you wakeboarding (or even Stand Up Paddle Boarding) in the calm waters of the Gulf of Paria.  This activity is definitely an adrenaline rush.  But have no fear, its safe and fun for all ages.  Even if you don’t know how, you’ll be skimming across the water on a wakeboard in no time – and loving it! Explore more

10:00 am – Take a stroll along the Chaguaramas Boardwalk


After the fun in the water, head on down to Chaguaramas, where your first stop is the new boardwalk.  Stroll along the seaside, have fun on the paddle boats, race remote controlled vehicles or simply relax on the benches. Explore more

12:30 pm – Grab some Lunch among the Giants at Samaan Park!


After the morning’s activities you are sure to be hungry!  Head on down to Samaan Park located along Tucker Valley road to have a bite to eat.  This is a great family destination to relax among the giant Samaan trees while you become one with nature in this green and tranquil park. Explore more


2:00 pm – Go Ziplining through the Forest


Keep the excitement going! Head on down to Tucker Valley in Chaguaramas to ZIP-ITT Adventure Tours for some great zip lining fun.  Located just above Macqueripe Bay, ZIP-ITT is fun for the entire family with 7 lines and 5 canopy walks/net bridges through the trees of the beautiful Tucker Valley for adult lines and kids lines for the young ones.  Enjoy. Safe, thrilling adventure!!!. Explore more

4:00pm – Go for a relaxing dip in Macqueripe Bay


Top off the day of fun and excitement with a relaxing swim in Macqueripe Bay.  This small pocket beach just 117 metres long and 16 metres wide is neatly tucked into the bay which makes for great bathing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Explore more

OR (alternative ending)

5:15pm – Take in the sunset from Fort George, St. James


After your zip lining adventure, head back out to the hills above St. James to Fort George and end the day with a breathtaking view from this serene historical destination high above the city of Port of Spain.  From this location the setting sun casts a sublime golden glow on the fort and its visitors.  A perfect end to a wonderful day. Explore more


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