Fort Abercromby

Las Cuevas, Trinidad

This historical area is very peaceful, calm and quite scenic!

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Destination 101: Area is isolated, please go in groups.

Situated to the immediate north of Las Cuevas Bay, overlooking a scenic bay are the remnants of Fort Abercromby. Built by the British in 1804 as part of the fortification of Trinidad that included Fort George and North Post. The British were concerned however about attacks from the French and knew all too well that Las Cuevas Bay made a good place for landing ships as they had landed there in 1750 when Trinidad was still in Spanish hands. The British also intended that Fort Abercromby would be a place of last defense in case they lost Port of Spain, retreating with their forces through St Joseph and over the mountains to Las Cuevas.

What remains now is just two lone canons marking the headland but Fort Abercromby is  still a place of interest because of its historical significance and fantastic ocean views. A stairway leads to a lookout which gives a more picturesque view of the ocean and surroundings. The deep clear pool below this fort is a popular fishing and snorkelling spot.


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