Fort Granby

Tobago, Tobago

Not much remains of the original fort but the spectacular lookout and canopy of interwoven trees are reason enough to visit Fort Granby.

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Fort Granby was the first British fortification on the island of Tobago and is the island’s second oldest fort. It was built around 1765 to protect the first capital, Georgetown (which was short-lived).

The fort lies on a headland with covered gazebos that look over either side into the Barbados and Pinfold Bays. The grounds have become a labyrinth of interwoven trees creating a natural canopy and is furnished with modern facilities including a play park. Though not much remains of the original fort, the gravestone of a British soldier, James Clark, who died in 1772 lies on the grounds.

On your trip up the South-East Coast of Tobago along the Windward Road, stop at the picturesque Fort Granby for a picnic or photo-op! The well-kept grounds and winding trees make for a fun adventure.


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