Fort King George

Scarborough, Tobago

The breathtaking sunset views from this well preserved military fort make this a must-see destination.

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This historical destination which overlooks Scarborough is the best preserved colonial fort in Tobago. Recently refurbished to return it to its old colonial stature, Fort King George stands as a resilient monument of Tobago’s turbulent military past. The cannons overlooking the coast are a testament to an era when many battle were waged over Tobago.

Built by the British in the 1770s and named in honour of King George the Third, who ruled from 1760 to 1820, the fort is now home to the Tobago Museum which occupies what was once the Barrack Guard House. The Museum exhibits Amerindian artifacts, military relics, shells and documents from the colonial period. The prisoner’s bell tank, barracks and officers’ mess are some of the highlights of a walk around the grounds. But for many it is the spectacular vistas that the fort’s high perch over Scarborough affords that makes this a must see destination.


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