85FT Hanuman Murti

Carapichaima, Trinidad

A magnificent 85-foot tall statue of the Hindu god, Lord Hanuman located in the village of Carapichaima, Trinidad. Built built according to the Dravidian style of architecture of South India, this is the largest Hanuman murti outside India.

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Hanuman is known as the best warrior among the Hindu gods since he protected the others from evil. He is considered the most revered disciple of Lord Rama for his efforts and bravery in defeating Ravan and assisting Lord Ram, Seeta and Ram’s brother Lakshman. Devotees pray to him for strength, courage and protection. No wonder he stands tall at 85 feet on the grounds of the Dattatreya Yoga Center and Mandir in Carapachaima. His magnificence is a reminder to all devotees that they should grow in height spiritually. The statue, consecrated in 2003, is the tallest in the Western hemisphere and second tallest in the world. To get to the temple from Port of Spain:Proceed south on the highway. Continue in a southerly direction passing the Chaguanas Flyover then past the Chase Village Flyover until you’re at the Freeport flyover. (Note a ‘flyover’, is Trini for overpass)Turn off the highway on the left and take a right turn which will take you below the highway. Continue driving until you reach an intersection with traffic lights. You proceed straight across the intersection. Drive for about 5 minutes until you reach a field on the left after a school. From here you can make a right to see the Yoga Center/Hanuman Murti or turn left and drive until the road ends at the Temple in the Sea.


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