Kelleston Drain

Just off Little Tobago, Tobago

A diver’s paradise! Kelleston Drain sometimes called Kelleston Deep or Little Tobago Drift is a long plain of lush coral drops from 30′ to 60′ then slopes off steeply – home of the world’s biggest brain coral!

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This single colony, though very large is very fragile, it is about 10ft high and 16ft wide comprising of millions of individual coral animals. The adjacent reef is full of colourful sponges, branching corals, sea rods, sea whips and sea fans and is occupied by many large barracuda and large green morays. This is also where Tobago’s famous Manta Rays show up in season and you can even find nurse shark on this dive. The dive ends after reaching the giant brain coral, found in the Coral Gardens dive site.


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