Lopinot, Trinidad

Know as the home of Parang due to its Venezuelan heritage, Lopinot, a restored agricultural estate is the home of one of the most picturesque destinations in Northern Trinidad.

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If you find yourself at Lopinot on a rainy night, you might be face to face with the ghost of Charles Joseph de Loppinot de la Fresilliere – a French Count who came to Trinidad in 1800 – as he roams about his estate house located in the northern village named after him. In 1806, Loppinot was granted 478 acres of land by the King of England and planted cocoa on this scenic area of agricultural land which he called La Reconnaissance. The restored estate house has been made into a small museum which displays some Amerindians artifacts. There is a recreational park and a savannah located to the north of the museum. Carat sheds are located along the river, especially for the picnickers who like to wade or even bathe in the cold water. Picnic benches and tables are also available for those who prefer shady trees and dry ground.


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