Petite Marianne (Avocat) Waterfalls & Rappelling Adventure

Petite Marianne (Avocat) Waterfalls & Rappelling Adventure

Sunday 22 Jan 2017 at 8:00 am
Hosted by
Paria Spring Tours

TT$175 per person (family discounts for kids are available). You can pay on the day but you must book in advance to confirm our spots.

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What to expect
This is a fun hike with an easy and adventure option where both end at the 72 foot Avocat Waterfalls that you can rappel (abseil) if you wish.
What you will do and see


Your adventure starts with the easy option being about a one and a half hour hike through stunning rainforest to Avocat Waterfall. The adventure option will depart first as it will take two hours and include hiking up rivers, climbing through uncharted rain forests where your leader follows only his knowledge of the forests.

Flora and Fauna

Both trails are circuits where we hike in over some hills to see and experience the rainforest and its wildlife, firsthand. While walking you will see, experience and learn of the natural history of this magnificent rainforest. Highlights will be seeing amazing trees while Emperor and other butterflies float by. Forest birds such as Trogons, Honeycreepers and Manakins at their lek are abundant. The trail leads to an enchanting stream with an abundance of anthuriums and heliconias on its banks; it will take us to the Marianne River.


The walk ends at the seventy-foot waterfall, where swimming in the small pool at the base of the falls is our objective. Relax while getting a natural drumming massage as you sit at the base of the falls.


After a quick swim in the falls the adventurous will hike to the top of the falls, put on harnesses and safety equipment and plunge over the side rappelling back to the waterfall’s pool!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!


Have a picnic lunch before taking an easy 30 minute walk back to the vehicle. An easy walk in the river through rainforest is the way out.

The adventure hike will take about 2 hours and the easy version will be about an hour and a half, with a 30 minute to 1 hour swim at the falls and 30 minute hike out. Bring enough food and drink for that duration.
What to wear

Short pants are fine for both hike. If you worry about things scraping your legs then light long pants for the adventure hike, Jeans will be too restrictive and heavy. Swim suits for the waterfall

Trail sneakers are best, or any descent sneakers, or strapped sandals with a bit of grip is fine. Heavy boots are not appropriate. Slippers (flip-flops) are not allowed

All footwear will get wet and muddy

If you fall in the river or it rains everything will get wet so bring phones / cameras in dry bags or double zip loc bags.

Kid Friendliness
Adventurous kids are encouraged to join this hike but they have to be able to hike on their own and have a responsible adult in charge of them.
Make sure you leave a dry change of clothes and towel in the car to change into for the beach and for the drive home!
Meeting Place
We meet at Superpharm Maraval for 8:00am. Then drive north through Maraval Valley and emerge through the mountains of the Northern Range onto the stunning North Coast. Head east along the dramatic cliffs and beaches of the scenic North Coast to Blanchisseuse and turn south to Marianne River five miles from Blanchisseuse.
Group Size
Minimum of 8 and maximum of 30 persons

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Cancellations made between 48 to 24 hours prior to the event incur a 50% fee.
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Petite Marianne (Avocat) Waterfalls & Rappelling Adventure

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