River Estate Museum

Diego Martin, Trinidad

The rich cultural history and heritage of Diego Martin awaits you

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Located just opposite the historical Waterwheel along the River Estate, Diego Martin is the River Estate Museum that is named after the river that flows through the valley. The estate was once inhabited by the native Amerindians, then the freed slaves from Sierra Leon and Congo. Having undergone a few simple restorative upgrades, the urban estate sits on a spread of lush green vegetation surrounded by large Poui and Samaan trees that could possibly be as old as the actual building. Though it was once used to store sugar and cocoa during the years of sugar and cocoa production dating around the mid-1800’s, today the gallery includes a history of the Diego Martin parish, and displays artifacts that were used in agriculture and cocoa production. Sometimes used as a landmark and meeting place, the museum is a beautiful sight to behold during the dry season when the surrounding Poui trees are in full bloom.





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