Store Bay

Store Bay, Tobago

With great local dishes and some of the best local craft on the island, Store Bay is one of the best tourist beaches in Tobago known for great bathing and lovely relaxation.

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One of the busiest and most popular of Tobago’s beaches, Store Bay is known for many things: the two-minute walking distance from the ANR Robinson International Airport; Miss Jean’s curry crab and dumpling; the ladies selling local snacks like red mango, fudge and benet sticks; sale of local arts and crafts; the departure spot for boat tours to Buccoo Reef. With all the foot and boat traffic, the greatest attraction is indeed the bay’s crystal clear blue-green waters with waves that average about 40cm in height, making it a perfect destination for swimming. But be careful with your youngsters around here. On occasion, there are some big breakers. As well, a characteristic feature of this beach is the plunge point where the sea floor drops suddenly to 65 centimetres. If you want to experiment with snorkelling, here is a good place to start as fish sometimes come close to shore. If relaxation is your cup of tea, then Store Bay is excellent for that as well as there are numerous locals eagerly ready to rent you beach chairs and umbrellas for a breezy nap. Located on Tobago’s South Western coast, the sunset at Store Bay is a spectacular sight.


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