Avocat Waterfall

Blanchisseuse, Trinidad

A breathtakingly awesome 50 foot waterfall with a lovely plunge pool for a rejuvenating swim.

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Located just a short distance off the Arima/Blanchisseuse Road is the village of Avocat. Within this village lies one of the most mesmerizing eco destinations in Trinidad – Avocat Falls otherwise known as ‘Gran Fond Falls’ meaning “the river that comes from the sky” as named by the Amerindians. Landscaped by a wall of glistening bronze rocks and lush vegetation, one can enjoy a spray bath behind the curtain of falling water that thunders down into a Jacuzzi type pool below. The surrounding rocks also make a great springboard for jumping into the deep blue-green water below. As the pool flows downstream into the Marianne River, the calmness of the river mouth provides a relaxing swim and an ideal kayaking location. As you leave the Falls walking along the riverbank that leads out of the village, the nature trail on the opposite side takes you further into the Marianne Valley. The well-trodden path through the lively canopy is lined with Green and White lilies that creates an entrancing experience of nature’s woodland.


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