Sri Dattatreya Yoga Centre Trinidad and Tobago

Carapichaima, Trinidad

This yoga center which is dedicated to Dattatreya (the Hindu trinity), is an exquisite architectural masterpiece. Comprised of several intricate carvings and symbolic figurines, the temple’s entrance is guarded by two life-sized elephant statues.

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Built according to the Dravidian style of architecture, the Dattatreya Yoga Center took two years to complete and employed fourteen stonemasons who were flown in from India to create the murtis. Before you enter your shoes must be removed. The interior will captivate you. As you look up, your eyes are treated to a visual explosion as vibrantly coloured paintings and statuettes adorn the ceiling. Directions to the temple from Port of Spain: Proceed south on the Solomon Hochoy highway. Continue in a southerly direction passing the Chaguanas Flyover then past the Chase Village Flyover until you’re at the Freeport flyover. (Note: a ‘flyover’ is Trini for overpass)Turn off the highway on the left and take a right turn which will take you below the highway. Continue driving until you reach an intersection with traffic lights. You proceed straight across the intersection. Drive for about 5 minutes until you reach a field on the left after a school. From here you can make a right to see the Yoga Center/Hanuman Murti or turn left and drive until the road ends at the Temple in the Sea.


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