Mount Irvine Bay

Mount Irvine, Tobago

Mount Irvine beach is popular for surfing; you can come and enjoy good surf from December to March. In addition to this Mount Irvine is the place to do some great snorkeling. The beach also houses a great bar and restaurant.

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Destination 101: Best time for surfing - December to March

At Mount Irvine Beach, the backdrop of the shoreline is always beautiful, whether at sunrise, sunset or any time in-between the skies are artistically painted with unmatched colour schemes. It is the perfect setting for an ordinary day at the beach or a special occasion like a wedding ceremony or photoshoot.

The 800m (half-mile) stretch of beach has two sides. One is maintained by the local authorities and the other by the Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel, both sides are open to the public .The Northern end (maintained by the local authority) usually has high waves with surfing action between the months of November to April. Picnic huts are strategically placed with a panoramic view of the Bay. Looking across from under the comfort of a hut, one can hear the crash of the waves with faint sounds of laughter and music emanating from the on-site bar and restaurant. The side maintained by the Hotel also hosts a restaurant and bar

There is a stack of rocks that plays the roles of a habitat for crabs, a natural divider for the beach and a point of adventure for any regular beach trip. Beyond the rocks, the area is excellent for swimming and sunbathing.

The beach is characterised by the calm blue waves that lap at the tan sand that melts into the crevices of one’s toes. When one surrenders to the inviting charm of the Caribbean Sea, they will enter a world with a marine life as bright and colourful as a child’s imagination. Swimming along the shoreline is recommended for cautious swimmers and small friendly fish nip at your feet while you splash around in the water. Water sports like kayaking are available on the beachfront and beach-goers can head out in a kayak or snorkel and discover the coral, sponge and reef fish species abound in the waters around you.

Beach amenities include washroom facilities, picnic huts outfitted with tables and seating, a car park, life-guards, two restaurants and bars. Roadside vendors selling locally-made craft and freshly-caught fish line Shirvan Road a short stroll away from the beach.


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