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Rio Seco Waterfall

Salybia, Trinidad

Ideal for swimming and daring jumps into the plunge pool below, Rio Seco waterfall added bonus is its extremely picturesque setting.

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Rio Seco Waterfall is among Trinidad’s most stunning waterfalls. While, by far not the tallest, Rio Seco is most loved for its wide deep basin filled with emerald green water, which is ideal for swimming and can even accommodate dinghies and kayaks. The waterfall’s face, which slopes backward, makes for an easy climb to its top, and its deep plunge pool encourages visitors to jump and dive in.

Another appealing aspect of Rio Sec is that the hike to the waterfall is a relatively easy one, which takes visitors along a wide generally clear path that is marked better that most other waterfall trails. Best of all the hike is just 35 minutes. All this makes the waterfall a favourite for family outings and limes.


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