Chacachacare Salt Pond

Chacachacare , Chacachacare

This magnificent triangular hyper-saline pond is a must see destination on the island of Chacachacare.

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On the south-western end of the island of Chacachacare lies a magnificent triangular salt pond that is approximately 13,578 square meters (145,152 sq ft) in area.

Created by a sand and shingle bar that trapped sea water from a bay, the salt pond is one of the best attractions of the island.

Due to the high salinity levels (three to four times the salinity of the sea), the salt pond is warm, relaxing and one can float easily float without fear of sinking. Some claim that the hyper-salinity, much like the Dead Sea near Jordan has therapeutic properties.  It is said that the pond was a source of salt for Amerindians, the islands’ first inhabitants, who travel to Chacachacare to collect blocks of salt formed from the evaporation of the salt water.

The pond is bordered by vegetation such as mangrove, manchineel and sea-island cotton, and is best accessed from its eastern side, where the shingle bank of about 30 ft wide separates the pond from the Gulf of Paria.


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