Hundred Steps Beach

La Fillette, Trinidad

One of the truly hidden gems in Trinidad, Hundred Steps Beach is a secluded beach that is excellent for quite sun bathing, swimming, exploring and great fun. NOTE: Several security concerns have been raised about this destination. Please exercise extreme caution and visit in groups.

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Destination 101: Because of the isolation we strongly advise that you visit this destination during the day with a group.

Hundred Steps Beach is a secluded gem with calm clear waters, great sand and picturesque surroundings set at the base of a verdant green cliff. It is a serene destination by virtue of the difficulty to get to it. Located after Las Cuevas on the North Coast Road, Trinidad. Situated at the base of a cliff, the beach is accessed via a short nature walk from Mitchell Trace to the top of a concrete staircase that leads to the beach. However, you are surprised to learn that a section of the staircase is missing and the completing your descent requires a climb done a rope tied to a tree. But once you are passed the adventurous scramble down the cliff, you realize that this is a destination worth the effort getting to. You are greeted by a lovely beach comprised of fine golden sand with a gorgeous view of the Chupara Bay to the front and enclosed by rocks on either end. The tranquil nature of the beach is a privilege to behold and you realize that you are experiencing something that few others have. Because of the isolation we strongly advise that you visit this destination during the day with a group.


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  • Breathtaking
    A beautiful trail with luscious canopy to approach the steep descent unto the\"100 steps\". The sound of clear green water brushing the shore line can be heard along the slightly challenging trail. The final destination is to behold!!!..Gloriously, spectacular,breathtakingly beautiful and perfectly isolated from the countless eyes of society...I rate this beach 5stars for a peaceful, semi-private get-away!
    By C. N., Trinidad and Tobago on 20 Nov 2017

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