Tyrico Beach

Maracas, Trinidad

If you seek to escape the crowds of Maracas then Tyrico Beach is the beach for you. Located on the North Coast Road just east of Maracas Beach, Tyrico is great for swimming and relaxing.

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Known to many Trinidadians as Tyrico Bay, Tyrico Beach is not a bay in itself as it is actually situated within Maracas Bay at its eastern end. This lovely spot of sand, though underrated by locals, is great for the visitor who wishes to be in close proximity to the food and amenities of Maracas Beach, but away from the crowds. A more relaxing swim is also afforded as the angle of the beach results in smaller waves and a less hectic surf, making it ideal for visitors with children. With lots of sand real estate per sun-bather, in a sense, this mini Maracas is the best of both worlds. You will find Tyrico Beach on the left of the North Coast Road within 2 minutes of driving past Maracas Beach. A blue and white sign marks the entrance to a short unfinished access road that allows up to drive right onto the sand. As there are no vendors here, bring your own food or pick up a bake and shark and drink on your way past Maracas Beach.


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  • The Tyrico of the past is no longer
    In my opinion Tyrico was one of the best beaches on the island of Trinidad. Quiet, non-commercial and family oriented, it was the perfect getaway. However, after a two year absence, I returned this year to find this little bit of paradise gone. In its place, a garbage strewn beach, overrun with beach-chair thugs colonizing the beach as if it were their own. Shame on local officials for allowing this to happen.
    By Brendan M., Canada on 20 Nov 2018

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