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Awesome July/August Vacation Experiences

The July / August vacation is here!  The big question?  How are you going to spend the next 60+ days on the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago? Here are our picks of the best experiences to make your vacation awesome.

Covigne Gorge, Trinidad
1Covigne River Gorge Tour
Discover a hidden gorge in the Tucker Valley forest, Trinidad, which was carved out of the mountain by a river flowing through an old cocoa and nutmeg plantation.
This hidden gem located deep in the Tucker Valley in Trinidad was carved out of the mountain rock by a branch of the Cuesa River which winds through an old cocoa and nutmeg plantation. A popular hiking destination, the trip to the gorge can take just about an hour as you walk through the undergrowth and then up along the river bed. The wet rock reflecting the sunlight that slips through the forest canopy above makes for a spectacular sight as the surrounding thick greenery combines to produce rich shimmery gold-green hues. But the real treat is at the end of the trail where an invigorating rope-assisted climb up the rock face brings you to a waterfall and plunge pool where you can take a revitalising swim in the cool fresh mountain water. Along the way you are constantly intrigued as you encounter a variety of insects including caterpillars, spiders and ants. But best of all, you are occasionally greeted by emperor butterflies that flutter by as you trek to your destination.
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2Down the Islands Yacht Cruise
Cruise the beautiful waters off the Northwest Coast of Trinidad on a yacht to visit secluded bays past enchanting islands.
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3Edith Falls Adventure
An awesome hike through Tucker Valley to the one of Trinidad's most dramatic waterfalls.
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3 Pools, Marianne River, Blanchisseuse
43 Pools & Marianne River Tour
This is a fantastic river adventure with three large pools to swim in, a 25-foot rock to jump off and natural water slide.
A twenty-minute walk up the Marianne River in Blanchisseuse brings you to 3 Pools a thrilling river adventure. As its name suggests, this river destination features 3 deep basins that were formed as the river plunged across a plateau over a steep rock shelf. The hike to the pools is rated 2 (out of 5, 5 being the hardest) so it is suitable for all ages. The first pool features shallower waters and is ideal for wading and non-swimmers. Between the first and second pools one finds a naturally formed water-slide that adds a great fun element. The 3rd pool is where the adventurous finds the greatest enjoyment. One can climb the nearby rocks and jump 15 feet in the pool below.
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5Ortinola Great House Chocolate Tour
Reflect on the history of the Ortinola Great house, take a tour of the estate and decorate your own chocolate bars during a lovely experience.
Basque in the history of the Great House at Ortinola, take a guided tour of the estate and decorate your own chocolate bar.
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6Tour the Gasparee Caves!
Descend 100 feet underground and walk through a magnificent limestone caverns to discover extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites and a crystal clear salt water pool at its base that shimmers like glass.

Every visitor and local alike should have this cave tour on their bucket list. This fun tour which combines a boat ride along the scenic north-west peninsula; an easy hike; and a cave adventure 100 feet underground is a once in a lifetime experience. Gasparee Caves is a natural system of limestone caverns and caves created by millions of years of wave action and slightly acid rain on the island of Gaspar Grande. At the bottom of the cave (100 feet underground) you will find a mysterious clear tidal pool. The cave contains interesting stalagmite and stalactite formations which have been given nicknames such as "The Buddha", "Virgin Mary" and "The Lovers".

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7Gasparee Island Vacation Day Pass
Spend an awesome day of fun and relaxation at the beach and our salt water pool on the beautiful island of Gaspar Grande.
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