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Matelot to Toco, Toco to Matura: Five Activities for your Weekend on the North-East Coast

When I want to relax, the first escape I think of is Tobago. EVERY. TIME.

Then my brain says “Hey! Don’t overlook Trinidad!”

Naturally I think of Tobago as the relaxation and rejuvenation haven but Trinidad is a paradise too albeit in a different way. Yes, they both have beautiful beaches (check out a few of them here) and both are rich in culture but the two islands are the flip sides of a coin.

Tobago is regarded as the place to escape; the ideal sun, sea and sand paradise is complemented by the calm waves of the aqua bays that lap at the white sand. The small island has an indescribable charm plus beaches are always no more than five minutes away! While Trinidad is the industrial isle of the two and life here is considered fast-paced with winding and long journeys to seaside paradises like Maracas Bay and Manzanilla Beach.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them both. In fact, I may even prefer Trinidad for a vacation, simply because of the scenic North East coast. A weekend away at a resort like Anise Resort Spa or a private rental is bliss. You can relax and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks while being massaged by the strong ocean breeze or experience a trip that packed with adventure!

One of the countless beaches on the North-East Coast

One of the countless beaches on the North-East Coast

Next time you go anywhere from Matura to Toco, Toco to Matelot, here are some activities that are sure to spice up your trip!


Yes. I can understand your unwillingness… But try it at least once.

Instead of buying the crab for the pot, why not head to the river or beach and try to catch your own. Beware of those pinchers though!

Even you do not catch anything, you and your family or friends are sure to have fun laughing at each other.

Looking up the Grande Rivieire River

Looking up the Grande Rivieire River

River swim or lime

Most people prefer swimming in a river when they visit the North East Coast because of the abundance of rivers and absence of waves. Surrounding trees colour the river water a deep green and the serene environment is only interrupted by the occasional bird catching a fish in the river.

The river is also one of the best locations for a lime… ask any Trini.

Fishing … or just helping a fisherman

Rent a fishing rod and purchase bait and perch at one of the many rivers on the North East Coast such as Shark River in Matelot. If you have never fished before, it will be a test of patience but the sense of accomplishment after you draw in that fish

At any of the beaches, you will spot a fisherman pulling in his catch for the day. Help him pull in his net or pull the fish (or fishes, if you prefer) from the net. To wash off the smell of fish from your hands, take a swim in the river!


The North East Coast borders the less-explored side of the Northern Range. Though trails are not as defined as the more popular spots like 3 Pools and Habio Falls, they lead to similarly stunning waterfalls. However, as navigating the trails are tricky hiring a tour guide with knowledge of the area is highly recommended.

Homad & Lacatang Falls, Grand Riviere

Homad and Lacatang Falls, Grand Riviere

Lime at a roadside bar

Maybe it’s the salty sea breeze or the absence of tall buildings but nothing could beat a good lime at a countryside bar. When the discussions with the residents whet your beer appetite, drink a trini-brewed Carib or Stag lager.


Every year during the months of March to September, sea turtles come ashore at night to nest. The North East Coast becomes the premier viewing destination for the largest living turtle species, the leatherback turtle and four other sea turtles (olive ridley turtle, hawksbill, green turtle and the loggerhead). All five turtles are considered Environmentally Sensitive Species, this means that these species are in danger of extinction and whose survival is unlikely if threats persist. During nesting periods, conservation groups patrol the sites and conduct guided tours for visitors. Learn more about turtle-watching and tours here.

Majestic Leatherback turtle at sunrise on Matelot

Majestic Leatherback turtle at sunrise on Matelot

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