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50 things to do on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago

1. Jet Ski from Pigeon Point to No Man’s Land

2. Board a glass-bottom boat at Store Bay and snorkel looking at the coral reefs

3. Take a dip in a shallow pool in the middle of the ocean. Rub the sand on your skin too! It is said to make you look years younger!

Visitors wade in the clear waters of Nylon Pool

Visitors wade in the clear waters of Nylon Pool.

4. Learn to dive in Speyside, Tobago

5. Then go down under to see the largest brain coral in the world

6. Swim with manta rays in Castara Bay

7. Dive off the jetty in Parlatuvier (with caution)

8. Trek under the canopy of the oldest forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere

9. Go ATV-riding in Black Rock then wash off the adrenaline in the nearby beach

10. Ride horses along the shoreline of Buccoo Bay

11. Sunday school  – Not the religious classes. A party that happens every Sunday in Buccoo, Tobago

12. Adventure in the best kept fort in Tobago with views of Scarborough and the Leeward coast

13. Figure out the unsolvable mystery etched on the tombstone of Betty Stiven

14. Kayak at Mt. Irvine Beach and spot barracudas and coral in the clear waters below

15. Or paddle down the Marianne River for a totally different experience – Surrounded by green everywhere

Angel Falls, North Coast, Trinidad

Angel Falls, North Coast, Trinidad

16. Bird-watch at the Asa Wright Nature Centre

17. Hike to the top of El Tucuche and on the climb down cool off in the pools of Angel Falls

18. Float through the Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary observing a great variety of Trinidad’s wildlife

19. Witness flocks of the Scarlet Ibis flying overhead at sunset to their private island in the Caroni Swamp

20. Watch the sun set from the hills of St. James with a panoramic view of POS and West Trinidad.

21. Drive to the edge of Trinidad and spot Venezuela from one of T&T’s furthest points

22. Take part in the multidimensional festival of Emancipation that celebrates the culture and the liberation of the African slaves.

23. Participate in the greatest show on Earth – Trinidad Carnival

24. Jump up in a soca fete

25. Dance to the sounds of steel pan at Panorama

26. Cheer on your favourite contender for the goat-racing competition

Racing Goats at Buccoo Village, Tobago

Racing Goats at Buccoo Village, Tobago.  Photo: Tourism Development Company Ltd

28. Trek through limestone caves with stalagmite and stalactite formations (Geographical terms for really cool shaped rocks)

29. Go “down de islands” (or DDI) for a weekend getaway

30. On your trip DDI, stop at the historical Nelson Island – once used as an entry point for immigrants, haven for Jews escaping the Holocaust and a detention centre for national icons.

31. Turtle-watch – Hundreds of sightings of Leatherback turtles per night between March and August on one of their most important nesting grounds

32. Witness the  “Eight Wonder of the World” – The Pitch Lake!

33. Devil’s woodyard  …. mud volcanoes … hello?

34. Golf on one of the top courses in the Caribbean

35. Walk around the largest roundabout in the world and check out the Magnificent 7 buildings.

36. Buy a snow-cone with condensed milk and stroll around the Botanic Gardens

37. Take a selfie in the animal portraits in the Emperor Valley Zoo

38. Snack at street vendors – eat anything from doubles to gyros to burgers at any time.

39. Do a rope-assisted rock climb through a natural gorge to a beautiful plunge pool

40. Go on a river lime; walk with plenty food and drinks!


Entering Maracas Bay

41. Eat a bake & shark (or is it shark & bake) on the iconic Maracas Bay

42. Discover the caves that this beach is aptly named after.

43. Surround yourself with millions of bats at Mount Tamana Bat Caves

44. Visit the tallest statue of the Hamuman Murti in the Western Hemisphere (and second tallest in the world).

45. Light a deya to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness on the Hindu Festival, Divali

46. Take in a parang band at Christmas time in the home of parang (Lopinot)

47. Taste all of the Trini Christmas foods – pastelles,  paime, black cake etc

48. Hop on a boat to journey to one of the most hidden gems in Trinidad – One word “Paria”

49. Zip-line through the trees in the Tucker Valley and over the Macqueripe Beach

50. Watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea at any of the islands’ beaches

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